I love detail.

Wrapping presents and making them look nice.. coloring… looking at the kind of light fixtures people have in their homes…
There are so many details around us that matter, or maybe don’t seem to matter, but do. (at least to someone)

And not only with the world around us but all the little worlds spinning inside each of us. It’s amazing how beautifully complex human beings are. Seeing the way people react and express themselves is such a joy.

I know that I have some weird marginal quirks, little details that I doubt will disappear as I grow older.

When I feel uncomfortable I look at my lap and tuck my hair behind my ears.
When I walk on sidewalks I still try to avoid the cracks. (I used to think it was bad luck)
When I have a good thought that I am trying to articulate (but probably not doing a good job) I stretch out my fingers and widen my eyes..


Everybody has tons of beautiful little quirks that are unique to them, which I think is the coolest thing ever.
Each person is such a work of art. This is why I could sit in a coffee shop for hours, just watching people be themselves (or not) in a routine moment of their day. It’s like a mini art museum…

When I was in New York over Thanksgiving, we visited a few (actual) art museums (Whitney & Met) and as always I was happily overwhelmed. Art museums never fail to give me a headache, (there’s just so much to look at!!) but it’s so worth it.

There was one piece that really stuck with me. It’s a painting by Paul Signac during his pointillist phase.

img_5285I don’t know how to describe what I mean by this, but I think this is what I want 2017 to be like for me.
It’s colorful, well thought out but equally spontaneous, and most importantly, an obvious attention to detail.

The trip to New York was so fun and full of so many moments of love and laughter that I will cherish forever.

Now it’s on to Christmas which is my favorite holiday ever. So I’m pretty stoked.
(Also I’m back in Santa Barbara which means hiking and Handlebar)

I hope all of you lovely people have had a wonderful past few months, or at least a past few months that has let you be optimistic for the future.
I believe that if you try and be a light, even if you can only be a little light, the world will be a better place.

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